On this day in history, April 3, 1978, ‘Star Wars’ snubbed for Best Picture Oscar in favor of ‘Annie Hall’

On this day in history, April 3, 1978, the Academy Awards snubbed the beloved science fiction classic, ‘Star Wars', in favor of Woody Allen's romantic comedy, ‘Annie Hall', for the Best Picture Oscar.

The 1977 sci-fi space opera, ‘Star Wars', was an instant success, not only becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time, but also revolutionizing the film industry and launching the career of its young stars, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

However, ‘Star Wars' was ultimately snubbed for Best Picture in favor of ‘Annie Hall'. The 1977 romantic comedy starred Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, and was directed and written by Allen himself. It won four Academy Awards that year, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actress for Keaton.

The decision to award ‘Annie Hall' the Best Picture Oscar was seen by some as a sign that the Academy was not yet ready to recognize popular science fiction films. However, ‘Star Wars' was still able to win six of the ten awards it was nominated for, including Best Supporting Actor for Alec Guinness, Best Film Editing and Best Visual Effects.

The success of ‘Star Wars' would eventually pave the way for more science fiction films to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, such as ‘Blade Runner', ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial' and ‘The Matrix'. The franchise is still going strong today, with the latest instalment, ‘The Rise of Skywalker', being released in 2019.

Though ‘Star Wars' was snubbed for the Best Picture Oscar in 1978, it still remains one of the most iconic films of all time. Its influence can still be seen in films today, and its legacy continues to live on.