AI is ‘intimidating,’ ‘dangerous’: Members of Congress reveal how much they know about artificial intelligence

In a stark reminder of the increasing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on modern life, members of Congress have opened up about their knowledge of the technology in a series of interviews.

The interviews, conducted by Fox News, revealed some startling insights into the level of understanding of AI among members of Congress. While some members of Congress showed a deep understanding of the technology, others were less informed, highlighting the need for more education and public discourse around the implications of AI.

One of the more alarming revelations from the interviews was the fact that many members of Congress view AI as “intimidating” and “dangerous.” Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) was quoted saying, “I think AI is a very intimidating technology. It’s really hard to fully understand the implications and the dangers associated with it.”

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) echoed Speier's sentiment, noting that AI “is a powerful tool and can be both dangerous and beneficial.” He went on to add that he has “seen firsthand what AI can do when it’s used in a malicious way.”

The interviews also revealed that some members of Congress have a greater understanding of AI than others. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) was quoted as saying that AI “has the potential to revolutionize our economy, create jobs, and improve the lives of millions of people.” He went on to say that he believes AI “can be a force for good and a tool for progress if it is done responsibly.”

Overall, the interviews revealed a wide range of opinions regarding the impact of AI on our society. While some members of Congress view AI as a powerful tool, others view it as a dangerous technology that could have far-reaching consequences if not used responsibly. Regardless of their opinions, the interviews make it clear that more education and public discourse is needed when it comes to understanding the implications of AI.