We feel like we’re in a ‘horrible experiment’ after our twins were split up into different schools… we’re devastated

For the last two years, we’ve watched our twins, who are only a year apart in age, grow up side-by-side. We’ve been blessed to share in their successes and help them through their struggles, and we’ve never been more proud than when we saw them grow close and develop a strong bond.

But when their time came to start school, we were left with a heartbreaking decision: split them up into different schools.

It was an impossible decision. We wanted our children to have the best start to their education, but we couldn’t stand the thought of them being apart. We felt like we were in a ‘horrible experiment’ as we agonised over the decision.

In the end, we decided that the twins should attend different schools and we’re now living with the consequences. We’ve felt the loss keenly and it’s heartbreaking to see our children struggling without the comfort of their beloved twin.

It’s been hard to watch them both missing out on the special bond that twins usually share. The twins were used to having each other to lean on, but now they’re apart, they’ve had to learn to stand on their own two feet.

We’ve had to find ways to keep them connected and ensure that they’re not missing out on important milestones in each other’s lives. We’ve been able to use Facetime and text messages to keep them in contact, and we’ve also coordinated their schedules so that they can meet up for special occasions.

Ultimately, we hope that the twins’ separation will be a positive thing and that they’ll both grow and develop in different ways. But it’s still been difficult to see them apart and we’re devastated that we had to make this difficult decision.