Travel expert explains how ‘moving your hotel booking, could ‘save money, on cancellation

When booking a hotel, it’s important to consider all the options before committing to the purchase. According to travel expert Julian Smith, the key to getting the best deal is to move your booking around.

Smith, who is the founder of the travel website Airmiles Guru, recommends that people move their hotel booking around to get the best price.

“The key to saving money is to move your booking around,” Smith said. “For example, if you have booked a hotel for a week, but you don’t need all seven days, you can move your booking to a cheaper hotel or a different day. This can help save you money, as the price of hotels can vary drastically depending on the day or time of year.”

Furthermore, Smith recommends that people take advantage of the hotel’s cancellation policy. Most hotels offer a free cancellation policy, which means that you can cancel your booking up to a certain date without incurring any penalties.

“This is especially useful if you’re booking a hotel in advance,” Smith said. “You can move your booking around and take advantage of any discounts or offers that are available. This can help you save money in the long run.”

Smith also recommends that people check their hotel’s cancellation policy before making their purchase. “Some hotels have a strict no-refund policy,” he said. “It’s important to check this before booking, as it could mean that you are out of pocket if you have to cancel your booking.”

Overall, Smith believes that moving your hotel booking around can help you save money and find the best deals. “It’s always worth taking the time to compare prices and move your booking around,” he said. “This way you can make sure you’re getting the best deal, and you won’t be left out of pocket if you have to cancel your booking.”