Nearly half of parents always take children to same holiday destinations

A recent survey has revealed that almost half of parents take their children to the same holiday destination each year.

The study, conducted by TUI, surveyed 2,000 parents with children aged between the ages of five and 16, and revealed that 44 percent of them took their children to the same location each year.

The survey also found that the most popular holiday destinations for parents and their children are Spain, France, Portugal, and Turkey. Meanwhile, the most popular tourist attractions for parents and their children were theme parks, zoos, and beaches.

In addition, the survey found that parents often choose the same destination to save money and because their children are familiar with the area. However, one in four parents said their children had become bored of going to the same destination each year.

Parents also revealed that their children often become bored during the holiday itself, with over half of them claiming their children had become bored within the first two days of the trip. The most common activities that parents said their children were bored of were swimming, visiting the beach, and going to theme parks.

The survey concluded that parents should try to switch up their holiday destinations each year to keep their children entertained.

Commenting on the survey, TUI spokesperson, Hannah Molnar, said: “It’s important for parents to remember that holidays are a great opportunity to explore new places and cultures, and to provide their children with new experiences.”

Molnar added: “The results of this survey prove that parents should think about changing their holiday destinations each year, as well as providing their children with plenty of activities to keep them entertained during the holiday.”