My son, 13, and his mates were stuck in Dover Easter holiday chaos for 16 HOURS – they’re starving with no running water

As the Easter holidays descended into chaos, a single mum was horrified to find out her 13-year-old son and his friends were stranded in Dover for 16 hours without food or running water.

Janet Edwards, 43, had allowed her son, James, and two of his friends to travel to the port town on Monday evening in order to attend a family gathering. However, they soon found themselves caught up in the travel chaos caused by the closure of the port.

Janet said: “I was so worried, especially when I heard that the port was closed. I couldn't get through to the boys on their phones and I didn't know what had happened to them. I was frantic. I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that there were three 13-year-old boys stuck in Dover with no food or running water.”

The boys, who had been travelling with no adult supervision, had to find refuge in a nearby hotel until the port re-opened the following morning.

Janet said: “When I eventually managed to get through to them, I was so relieved. They were exhausted and hungry, but they were all safe. They had managed to find a hotel where they could rest and get something to eat. But the thought of them being stranded in a strange place for 16 hours was really scary.”

The boys were eventually able to get back on the road and make their way home late Tuesday evening, but the ordeal had taken its toll.

Janet said: “I was so relieved when I finally saw them. They were all exhausted and hungry, but at least they were safe. It was a scary experience for them, and it was very difficult for me not knowing what had happened to them.”

The ordeal serves as a reminder of the importance of proper supervision and planning when allowing children to travel without an adult.

Janet said: “I've learned a valuable lesson here. I'll definitely be more cautious in the future, and I'll make sure that all of the necessary precautions are taken before letting the boys travel without an adult.”