MSCHF’s 6 most outrageous pieces ever: the Big Red Boots went viral, but before that came Birkinstocks made from Hermès bags, worn by Kylie Jenner, and Eat the Rich lollies with Mark Zuckerberg’s face

MSCHF, the creative collective founded by Gabriel Whaley, has made a name for itself by pushing the boundaries of what’s considered “normal”. From customised Nike sneakers to Birkinstocks made from Hermès bags, the collective has been producing some of the most outrageous and eye-catching pieces in recent years. Here, we take a look at the six most outrageous pieces ever produced by MSCHF.

The Big Red Boots, which went viral in 2020 after being worn by Kylie Jenner, were the collective’s first foray into the world of outrageous fashion. The boots, which feature a bright red hue, a square toe and a chunky heel, are unapologetically bold and eye catching.

Before the Big Red Boots, MSCHF had already made a name for itself with their Birkinstocks, which were made from Hermès bags. The sandals, which featured the iconic Hermès brand on the straps, were a unique take on the classic Birkenstocks.

In a more tongue-in-cheek move, MSCHF also created a range of “Eat the Rich” lollipops, which featured the face of tech mogul Mark Zuckerberg. The lollipops, which were designed to highlight the wealth gap between the rich and the poor, were a hit with those who saw them.

MSCHF also created a range of customised Nike sneakers, which featured a unique design that was inspired by the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting. The shoes, which were hand-crafted by the collective, featured intricate details that made them one-of-a-kind.

The collective’s most outrageous piece to date is the “Jesus Shoes”, which were created in collaboration with Nike. The shoes, which are filled with holy water from the River Jordan and feature a crucifix on the laces, made headlines across the world.

Finally, MSCHF also created a range of “God Mode” sunglasses, which featured a unique design that was inspired by the game of chess. The sunglasses, which were designed to be both stylish and functional, were a hit with fans of the game.

MSCHF has continued to push the boundaries of fashion with their outrageous and eye-catching pieces. From the Big Red Boots to the God Mode sunglasses, the collective has certainly made a name for itself in the world of fashion.