It will soon be easier for foreign workers to move to Denmark. Here,s which jobs need filling

Denmark's government has announced plans to make it easier for foreign workers to move to the country, in an effort to fill the growing number of job vacancies.

The new plan, which is expected to be implemented in 2023, will make it easier for qualified workers from outside the EU to gain a residence permit and take up employment in Denmark.

The scheme is part of a wider strategy to address Denmark's labour shortage, which is expected to reach 150,000 by 2030. The Danish government has identified a number of key sectors which are particularly in need of foreign workers, including healthcare, IT, engineering, and the maritime sector.

The government has also promised to make the process of obtaining a residence permit as easy as possible. Foreign workers will be able to apply online and receive a decision within a few days.

The Danish government is also introducing a number of other measures to ensure that the country has a sufficient workforce to meet the needs of its economy. These include a new points-based migration system, which will prioritize highly-skilled workers, and an easier process for foreign workers to obtain Danish citizenship.

The new measures will be welcomed by employers throughout the country, who have been struggling to fill job vacancies due to the shortage of qualified workers.

The government's plans are also expected to benefit foreign workers, offering them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and a secure income.

It is expected that the new measures will be implemented within the next two years, making it easier for foreign workers to move to Denmark and fill the growing number of job vacancies in the country.