Parisians massively vote to banish for-hire e-scooters

Parisians have overwhelmingly voted to banish for-hire e-scooters from the streets of the city.

In a survey conducted by the city of Paris, over 85% of respondents said they wanted to see the removal of electric scooters from the streets. The survey, which was conducted ahead of a vote by the city council, saw 2,000 people respond, with a clear majority in favor of a ban.

The vote comes in response to growing concerns over the safety of e-scooters. The city has seen numerous accidents involving both riders and pedestrians, with many citing the speed and reckless behavior of riders as a major safety concern.

The vote by the city council is expected to pass, which will see all for-hire e-scooters removed from the city by the end of the year.

The decision has been welcomed by many residents, who say the e-scooters were disruptive and dangerous. Speaking to ABC News, resident Fabienne Dupont said “It’s about time. These scooters were always in the way and I’ve seen far too many people get injured because of them.”

The removal of e-scooters from the streets of Paris is part of a wider crackdown by the city on all types of motorized vehicles. The city has already banned motorized scooters, hoverboards and segways, and is now looking to extend the ban to include electric scooters.

The move is also part of a push by the city to reduce air pollution and improve road safety.

The ban on e-scooters is likely to be welcomed by many, who are eager to see the streets of Paris returned to pedestrians. With the removal of the e-scooters, it is hoped that the streets of Paris will become safer and more enjoyable for all.