Google issues urgent warning over ‘bank wipeout, to all drivers – look for three signs or risk lifetime of regret

Google has issued an urgent warning to all drivers: be on the lookout for three key signs, or risk a lifetime of regret.

The tech giant has warned drivers to be vigilant when it comes to a new scam called ‘bank wipeout’, which has been targeting unsuspecting motorists.

The scam involves hackers sending out fake emails and text messages that appear to be from a bank or other financial institution. The messages inform drivers that their accounts have been frozen and they need to provide personal information to unlock them.

However, the messages are actually a ploy to steal bank details and money. Once the details have been provided, the hackers can use them to take money from the victim’s bank account.

Google has released three key warning signs that drivers should look out for to avoid becoming a victim of the scam.

The first warning sign is to be wary of any messages that appear to be from a bank or financial institution, as these can often be fake.

The second warning sign is to avoid clicking on any links that come with the messages, as this could lead to malicious websites.

The third warning sign is to never provide any personal information, such as bank details or passwords, in response to the messages.

Google has warned drivers to be aware of these signs and to be extra vigilant in order to avoid the scam.

If drivers are in any doubt, they should contact their bank or financial institution directly to check the authenticity of the message.

The tech giant has urged all drivers to take extra precautions to protect themselves and their finances, or risk a lifetime of regret.