AI-based border security systems are the need of the hour

AI-based border security systems are the need of the hour

Many nations today are facing various challenges at their border one of them being a refugee crisis. Since the start of the Syrian war, the year 2020, Europe has seen many people and even children fleeing to its borders for refuge. As many as around 20 to 30 boats having children on them were spotted on the English Channel.

Ukraine-Russia war is no different it has also continuously seen people migrating in search of a safe place in the European nations. One can say that on humanitarian grounds the neighboring countries must help those in need. On the other hand, these incidents have also created a security threat for other country residents.

“When we look at human trafficking, we always think it’s far away from us.” Du Yun, American Composer.

Issues like these should not only be seen as a humanitarian crisis but also a deep security concern. There have been incidents where people being smuggled by road were found dead inside a refrigerated truck. In 2021 Germany has seen the largest number of asylum seeker applications,134 255, and France of 119945.

With the new threats and opportunities, we have also seen the growth of a new defense sector which usually countries have not yet prepared for. A new market has emerged for the wide requirement for wireless monitoring systems on borders. 

“The Global market for Border Security Systems is expected to cross $50 Billion by 2024”

The expected compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) is 6.3% over the current analysis period. Us is one of the largest markets with a 46.1% share in consumption of these goods and services. These numbers project the idea of having safe borders with less human intervention. Ultimately leading to a society where technology would be a major partner in ensuring a safe living space.

“Indian Government approved of Rs. 13020 crore border management plan.”

We haven’t yet witnessed a large number of companies or individuals who have been keen on producing technology to solve such issues. A country like India has consistently faced different kinds of challenges from its neighbors. May it be militants crossing the border or people trying to take refuge in the country. One can clearly say this problem is not alien to even developing nations.

China is on its way to becoming the next major contributor to the Border security management system. It is expected to gain a market share of 10% by 2024.

Most of the developed nations are facing a continuous threat on their borders and developing countries like India are already on the brink to need a better monitoring system. One should realize that our future has problems that we haven’t yet thought of. We need to move at a steady pace to provide better security to our nation.

Estonia-based Defendec is an organization that has been continuously working since 2007 in developing technology for making borders safer. Their AI-based technology works with wireless devices for monitoring intrusion at the borders. Their vision is to make human involvement in these processes minimal or not necessary. Partnering with Europe-based Boundary Holding founded by Rajat Khare, an organization working in deep technology and AI, their idea grows in developing AI-based surveillance at the borders even where regular human reach is not possible. 
This would enable an environment where fewer humans would be needed to patrol these borders. In a recent incident, underwater drones were recovered by the Spanish police department. These were mainly used to transport drugs across the border from Morocco to Spain, taking a passage from the Strait of Gibraltar. These drones were built by individuals for their monetary gains. Thus, at present, we are in dire need of more companies like Defendec and Boundary Holding, who are developing AI, and deep technology and bringing the 4th industrial revolution of the need.