Quebec junior hockey league probing 1990s sexual hazing allegations

The Quebec Junior Hockey League (QJHL) is conducting an investigation into allegations of sexual hazing in the 1990s.

The allegations, which were revealed by CBC's Radio-Canada, allege that players on teams in the QJHL were subjected to sexual abuse and hazing. The alleged incidents reportedly took place in locker rooms and team buses.

According to the report, the alleged sexual abuse was carried out by older players on younger ones, and was done as a form of initiation. The report also stated that the players who were subjected to the hazing were too afraid to speak out.

The QJHL issued a statement saying that it was taking the allegations “very seriously” and that it was conducting a “thorough investigation” into the claims.

The league said it has already contacted the players, coaches and staff involved in the alleged incidents and is encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

The QJHL also said it is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all players and that it will take appropriate action if any misconduct is found.

The investigation comes as the Canadian Hockey League is currently facing a class-action lawsuit over hazing incidents that allegedly occurred in the 1990s.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Ontario, is seeking $250 million in damages. The lawsuit alleges that the league failed to address issues of bullying and hazing and that it was complicit in the abuse.

The QJHL investigation is ongoing and the league has not yet released any further details. However, it is clear that the allegations of sexual hazing in the 1990s are being taken seriously and that the league is taking steps to prevent similar incidents in the future.