A Princeton Passer,s Skills Recall a Departed Coach,s Legacy

For Princeton basketball fans, the NCAA Tournament is a time of reflection.

In the wake of the passing of legendary coach Pete Carril, the Tigers’ run to the Sweet 16 of this year’s tournament is a reminder of the impact that Carril had on the program.

The Tigers have a unique style of play that has been shaped by Carril’s influence and is heavily reliant on passing and ball movement. This is exemplified by their starting point guard, Ryan Dermody, whose passing skills are a throwback to the days of Carril’s Princeton teams.

Dermody’s vision and court awareness has been on full display during the tournament as he has consistently found open teammates for easy baskets. He is averaging 8.3 assists per game and his ability to break down defenders and create open shots has been crucial for the Tigers’ success.

His play is a reminder of Carril’s legacy and the style of play that he popularized at Princeton. The Tigers have been able to replicate that style of play in their run to the Sweet 16 and Dermody’s play is a testament to Carril’s influence.

Carril’s impact on the Princeton program is undeniable and Dermody’s performance is a reminder of the beloved coach’s legacy. As the Tigers continue their march through the tournament, fans can take solace in the fact that the spirit of Carril lives on through the play of Dermody and his teammates.