My kids were born eight weeks early and needed round-the-clock care, but I managed to keep going and focus on football

For Stevenage winger Daryl Horgan, football has always been a refuge. Despite the challenges of life as a professional footballer, Horgan has found strength and motivation in the game.

Horgan had his world turned upside down in 2020 when his twins were born eight weeks prematurely. The tiny twins were born dangerously early, and Horgan and his partner had to stay by their sides in the neonatal unit.

The family had to face the reality that their newborns needed round-the-clock care and attention. It was a difficult time for Horgan, who was trying to juggle his role as a professional footballer with being a new dad.

But he was determined to keep going and focus on his football career.

Horgan says it was challenging but he was determined to stay positive and focused. He credits his teammates and the staff at Stevenage for their understanding and support during this difficult time.

He also says that the experience of being a dad has changed his perspective on football. He says he now realises the value of every moment he has on the pitch.

Horgan says that he is grateful to be able to come home to his children after each game and spend time with them. He says that they have changed his life and he is determined to make the most of every moment he has with them.

This attitude has seen Horgan become a key member of the Stevenage team this season. He has made 37 appearances and scored three goals so far.

Horgan’s story is one of determination and resilience. Despite the huge challenges he has faced, he has managed to focus on his football and be a great dad to his children.