How much every 2023 F1 driver gets paid as Max Verstappen way above Lewis Hamilton

As Formula One is preparing for its 2023 season, many are looking at what each driver will be getting paid in terms of salary. It’s no surprise that Max Verstappen is way above Lewis Hamilton, as the 23-year-old Dutch driver is set to earn the most out of all the drivers.

Verstappen is reportedly in line to receive a salary of around $50 million this season. This is a huge increase on the $15 million that he was getting paid until now, and is more than double what Hamilton is expected to get.

Hamilton is set to earn around $20 million for the 2023 season, a significant increase from the $15 million that he was earning up until now. However, it’s still quite a bit less than what Verstappen will be getting paid.

The rest of the field is far behind the two drivers in terms of salary. Charles Leclerc is expected to get around $10 million, while Sebastian Vettel is expected to earn around $8 million. Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo are both expected to get around $7 million.

It’s clear that Verstappen is the highest paid driver in Formula One as of 2023, with Hamilton a distant second. The rest of the field is quite a bit behind them in terms of salary, but they are still getting paid well. It’ll be interesting to see how the salaries develop over the years as the sport continues to grow.