Hong Kong Sevens: twice in a season just the ticket as 2023 tournament arrives

As the Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament approaches its 2023 arrival, plans to have the event take place twice a season have been revealed.

The tournament, which is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in Hong Kong, is set to become even bigger as it moves to a new home in the Hong Kong Stadium. As part of the move, organisers are now looking to expand the event and make it a two-weekend affair each year.

The idea of having two weekends to enjoy the Hong Kong Sevens is an exciting prospect for both fans and players. The two weekends would include different teams and games, giving fans a chance to see more of the sport’s best teams in action.

For the players, it means more opportunities to compete in the tournament and potentially win the title. Not only that, but it also offers an increased chance of playing in front of a packed stadium and being part of the incredible atmosphere that the Hong Kong Sevens has become known for.

It is expected that the expanded tournament will also bring more visitors to the city. The increased number of spectators will give the Hong Kong economy a boost, as more money is spent in the city on accommodation, food, and entertainment.

The Hong Kong Sevens has long been a highlight of the sporting calendar in the city and the prospect of having it twice a season is just the ticket. As the tournament approaches its 2023 arrival, fans can look forward to an even bigger and better event that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on the city.