Women players benefit most in Cricket Australia,s new $634m pay deal

Women players have been rewarded with pay rises in Cricket Australia's new $634m pay deal. The deal, which will be in place for the next six years, will provide increased payments for both men and women players in the domestic and international arena.

The pay deal will see the average wage of female players rise to over $200,000 per year, a significant increase from the previously reported $80,000. This is a major step forward for gender equality in the sport and marks a huge financial victory for the women's game.

The new deal also includes a significant investment in grassroots cricket, with $45m allocated for the growth and development of female cricket in Australia. This investment will provide more opportunities for women to participate and compete in the sport, as well as create more jobs for female coaches and administrators.

The new deal also includes a $20m investment in the Big Bash League, which will see the competition become more accessible for women players. This investment will ensure that female players will have access to top-level cricket and will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The new deal is a major milestone for women in cricket and will help to create a more level playing field for female players. It is hoped that the increased investment in female cricket will help to inspire more young girls to take up the sport and help to develop the next generation of female cricket stars.

It is clear that the new deal is a major step forward for the women's game and will have a positive impact on the sport as a whole. With more money and better opportunities available, female players will be able to achieve greater success in cricket and help to inspire the next generation of players.