ChatGPT makes up fake data about cancer, doctors warn

A new artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT is making waves in the medical world, as doctors are warning that it could be used to generate fake data about cancer.

The AI system, which was developed by Microsoft, is designed to generate conversations about specific topics, such as cancer, in order to provide useful insights to medical professionals. However, doctors have raised concerns that it could also be used to create false information about the disease.

Dr. Marjorie Zatz, an oncologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, says there is a risk of ChatGPT generating fake data that could be used to mislead medical professionals and patients.

“The danger is that if this technology is used in the wrong way, it can be used to create false information about cancer and mislead people,” she said. “If someone is looking for data that is not scientifically accurate, this could be a problem.”

Dr. Zatz also warned that the technology could be misused to create fake news stories about cancer or even to influence public opinion on the disease.

The AI tool has already been used in several medical studies, including one that aimed to help doctors better understand how people talk about cancer. It is also being used by drug companies to generate conversations about their products.

Although the technology has potential benefits for the medical world, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with it. Doctors are urging caution when it comes to using ChatGPT and are asking for more research to be done to ensure it is not misused.