Defiant Trump announces Florida event just hours after Tuesday’s court appearance in New York

President Donald Trump made a defiant announcement on Wednesday that he would be attending a campaign rally in Florida just hours after appearing in court in New York City.

The announcement came after Trump had his lawyers appear in court for a hearing on his efforts to block a grand jury from obtaining his tax records. Trump is facing an ongoing investigation in New York into his finances and potential violations of state law.

The president's lawyers argued that the request for his records was too broad and that it was a violation of his constitutional rights. Despite the hearing, Trump seemed to remain undeterred, and the president tweeted that he would be attending a campaign rally in Florida later in the day.

“I will be going to Florida for a big Rally on Tuesday night. A big deal. Big crowd expected!” Trump tweeted.

The rally, which is scheduled to take place in Ocala, Florida, will be the first of several Trump is planning to hold across the state in the coming weeks. The president is reportedly hoping to turn out his supporters and shore up support in a state that will be critical in the upcoming presidential election.

Trump has long been a fixture on the campaign trail, often using his rallies to fire up his base and criticize his political opponents. The rally comes as the president faces an uncertain future in the courts and in the polls.

Trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and has insisted that he is the victim of a “witch hunt” by his political enemies. But the president's legal troubles have cast a shadow over his re-election effort, and Wednesday's rally seemed to be a show of defiance against those who may be trying to take him down.

Whether the rally will be enough to bolster Trump's standing in Florida, and ultimately the nation, remains to be seen. But it is clear that Trump is determined to fight back against any and all legal troubles he may be facing.