What to know about Australia’s Aukus subs and why it’s causing anxiety in Asia

For many Asians, the news of Australia’s plans to acquire 12 French-made Aukus-class submarines has caused a great deal of anxiety. With the growing tension between China and Australia, some worry that the submarines could be used to threaten the security of the region.

The Aukus-class submarines are a new generation of nuclear-powered submarines designed by French shipbuilder Naval Group. The vessels are designed to have a range of up to 10,000 nautical miles and are equipped with a variety of weapons, including torpedoes and anti-submarine missiles.

The submarines will be based in Australia and used for patrol and surveillance operations in the Asia-Pacific region. Australia has said that the vessels will be used for a range of operations, including to deter “provocative actions” by other countries.

The Aukus-class submarines have raised concerns among some Asian countries, particularly China, who worry that the submarines could be used to threaten the security of the region. China has said that the submarines could be used to “interfere” with regional stability, and raised concerns that the vessels could be used to spy on China’s naval activities.

The acquisition of the submarines has also raised questions about Australia’s commitment to regional security. Critics have argued that the submarines could be used to advance Australia’s strategic interests, rather than to promote regional stability.

The purchase of the Aukus-class submarines is a significant investment for Australia, and the vessels are expected to be in service for the next 30 years. While the submarines could be used for a variety of purposes, the potential for them to be used as a tool of aggression has caused anxiety in the region.

Given the increased tensions between China and Australia, the Aukus-class submarines could further raise tensions in the region if they are not used in ways that promote regional stability. For now, it remains to be seen how the submarines will be used and how they will affect the region.