Suella Braverman breaks silence on 12 hour border queues stranding thousands at Port of Do

Suella Braverman, the Minister of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union, has broken her silence on the 12-hour queues that have been stranding thousands of lorries in Kent.

The border-checks at the Port of Dover have caused huge disruption to the region after the UK’s departure from the EU. The queues at the port have now reached 12 hours, leaving drivers stranded in their vehicles and unable to access food, water, and toilets.

Speaking to the press, Ms Braverman said: “We understand the disruption that these queues have caused in Kent, and are doing all we can to ease the situation. We are working closely with the operators at the port, and have put in place additional resources to help deal with the issue.”

Ms Braverman also noted that the government was taking steps to increase the capacity of the port, and that the delays were largely due to an increase in demand in the weeks since the UK left the EU.

Ms Braverman said: “We are confident that the situation will improve over the coming weeks, but I understand the frustration of those affected. We are doing all we can to make sure that the disruption is kept to a minimum.”

The Minister also noted that the government was working closely with Kent County Council to provide support to those affected by the delays, including providing access to food, water, and toilets.

The government has also urged drivers to take steps to plan ahead for their journeys and to adhere to the new border-checks, in order to reduce the disruption caused.

Ms Braverman concluded: “We are working hard to ensure that the border checks are implemented as smoothly as possible. We are confident that the situation will improve in the coming weeks.”