Hong Kong leader doubles down on 2 simultaneous land projects, argues both plans for Northern Metropolis and Lantau artificial islands needed to boost competitiveness, quality of life

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has doubled down on her proposal to develop both an artificial island off the coast of Lantau Island and the Northern Metropolis project, arguing the two projects are needed to boost the competitiveness and quality of life in the city.

Speaking at a press conference, Lam said both projects would be beneficial to the city. She said the Northern Metropolis project would create new jobs and housing, while the artificial islands off the coast of Lantau Island would be an important part of the city's economy and could help attract businesses and tourists.

The plans have met with strong opposition from environmental activists and other groups, who argue the projects will damage the environment, and are unnecessary. Lam, however, has argued that the development of the two projects is necessary to secure the future of Hong Kong and to remain competitive in the global economy.

Lam said the projects would be developed in accordance with strict environmental regulations, and that the government had already taken steps to ensure the projects were sustainable and would not damage the environment.

The Hong Kong leader also said the projects would help improve the quality of life in the city, by providing more housing and jobs and by creating new amenities. She said the projects would help reduce the city's reliance on imported labor, and would make the city more attractive to tourists.

Despite the opposition to the projects, Lam said the government was committed to moving forward with the plans, and that the projects would be beneficial to the city in the long run. She said the government was confident the projects would help to make Hong Kong a more competitive and livable city in the future.