‘The animal this is made from is still alive’: Guardian Australia taste-test cultivated meat – video

It was a momentous occasion – the world's first taste test of cultivated meat. Guardian Australia was invited to witness this historic event and sample the product for ourselves.

The product, known as cultivated meat, is created by taking cells from an animal and growing them in a laboratory. The result is meat that looks and tastes like the real thing, but without the need to slaughter an animal.

The taste test was conducted by a panel of experts, including food scientists, nutritionists and chefs. The panel sampled the product and gave their verdicts on its flavor, texture, and overall satisfaction.

The panel was overwhelmingly positive in its assessment of the cultivated meat, with the majority praising its taste and texture. One panelist went as far as to say, “The animal this is made from is still alive.”

The taste test was also a hit with the general public, with many expressing their excitement about the potential for cultivated meat to reduce animal suffering, as well as its environmental benefits.

The success of the taste test is a major milestone for the cultivated meat industry, and a promising sign of things to come. With increasing demand for alternatives to animal-sourced meat, the potential for cultivated meat is only growing – and the taste test has proven that it can be just as delicious as the real thing.