Easy seasonal risotto using zesty lemons and asparagus can ‘aid weight loss’ – recipe

We all know that losing weight is one of the most common New Year resolutions, and with summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning meals that will help you achieve your goals. This delicious seasonal risotto recipe, created by celebrity chef and Express columnist, Chris Bohli, is the perfect way to get you started.

Using zesty lemons, asparagus, courgettes and a host of other ingredients, this healthy, low-calorie meal is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Bursting with flavour and full of vitamins, this meal is packed with everything you need to turn your diet around and help you lose weight.

The key to this dish is the zesty lemon which adds a lovely zing to the risotto, making it incredibly moreish. The asparagus and courgette provide a nutritious boost, making this meal a great way to introduce more vegetables into your diet.

To make the risotto, firstly heat some olive oil in a large pan and add some diced onion and garlic. Fry for a few minutes until softened, before adding some dried risotto rice and stirring. Pour in some white wine and let it bubble away before gradually adding some vegetable stock, a ladle at a time.

Once the rice is cooked, add your asparagus and courgette, and stir in some lemon zest and juice. Cook for a few more minutes before adding some grated Parmesan and a knob of butter. Stir in some chopped parsley and season to taste. Finally, serve with a dollop of crème fraiche and some more Parmesan.

This easy and delicious meal is sure to become a staple in your household. Not only is it packed full of flavour, but it is sure to help with your weight loss goals. Enjoy!