‘John Wick: Chapter 4, comes out blazing with $73.5M

The latest installment of the popular John Wick franchise, John Wick: Chapter 4, is coming out blazing with a whopping $73.5 million at the box office.

The fourth installment of the action-packed franchise, starring Keanu Reeves, is the highest-grossing opening weekend for the series and the biggest opening this year. The movie opened in over 3,000 theaters across the country and earned an impressive $22.7 million in its opening night.

The movie follows John Wick (Reeves) as he goes up against the High Table, a powerful international organization that controls the criminal underworld. He must battle his way through a series of adversaries in order to survive and finally take down the High Table.

The movie, directed by Chad Stahelski, has been highly praised by critics, with many calling it an adrenaline-filled ride. The movie is filled with spectacular action scenes and stylish visuals that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The success of John Wick: Chapter 4 is a testament to the power of the franchise. The previous three movies have earned nearly $450 million worldwide, and with the fourth installment, it looks like the series will continue to be a box office hit.

The movie is a must-see for any action movie fan, and with its continued success, it looks like the John Wick franchise is here to stay.