The American Idol Contestant Katy Perry Was Accused Of Mom-Shaming Has Quit The Show — Here’s Why

Kaitlyn Conley, a contestant on the American Idol reboot, recently quit the show after being accused of being mom-shamed by judge Katy Perry. Conley had been a favorite with viewers, so her decision to leave the show came as a shock.

Conley had been a frontrunner on the show, but her performance of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid had failed to impress the judges, particularly Perry. Perry had remarked that Conley had “run out of gas” and that she should have taken her mother’s advice to practice more. The comments were seen as mom-shaming by many viewers, and Conley took to social media to clarify her thoughts on the matter.

In a statement, Conley said that she had decided to leave the show because she was “not comfortable with the direction the show was taking.” She went on to say that her mother had always been her biggest supporter and that she wanted to remain true to herself and her own values.

Conley’s decision to leave the show has been met with both support and criticism. Many fans have praised her for standing up for herself and making a difficult decision, while others have criticized her for not being able to take criticism.

While Conley’s decision to leave the show has been met with mixed reactions, it is clear that her time on the show will not be forgotten. She has become an example of standing up for oneself and following one’s own values, no matter the cost.