Calls for dreamy MAFS groom Duncan James to be the next Bachelor

In the wake of the season finale of Married at First Sight Australia, fans of the hit reality series have started a social media campaign to make dreamy groom Duncan James the next Bachelor.

The single father-of-two, who won viewers' hearts with his heartwarming attitude towards his bride Jo McPharlin, has become a fan favourite.

On Monday night's finale, the couple decided to stay together and made the decision to remain married.

The news has prompted fans to call on Channel Nine to make Duncan the next Bachelor, with the hashtag #DuncanIsTheBachelor trending on Twitter.

“Duncan is a true gentleman and it's not hard to see why he won everyone's hearts,” one fan wrote.

“He deserves to find true love and I think he'd make an amazing Bachelor.”

Another added: “We need Duncan as the Bachelor. He's the perfect man to take on the role and I'm sure all the ladies would love to be with him.”

The official Married at First Sight Australia account also weighed in, tweeting: “We couldn't agree more! @DuncanJames is the ultimate Bachelor material – let's make it happen!”

Duncan has yet to respond to the fan campaign, but he has already proven himself to be a popular bachelor, having been bombarded with fan mail and marriage proposals during the show's airing.

The former model and personal trainer is also no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared on the front cover of Men's Health magazine and a number of other fitness magazines.

If chosen as the next Bachelor, Duncan would be the first single father to take on the role – a significant milestone for the franchise.

Only time will tell whether Duncan will get the chance to find love on the show, but one thing is for sure – he has the full backing of the Married at First Sight Australia fan base.