‘This is a real moment,: Netflix series cements rise of Welsh language drama

The rise of Welsh language drama has been cemented this week with the release of an acclaimed Netflix series.

The series, titled “Y Gwyll/Hinterland”, has been praised by critics for its gritty realism and portrayal of rural Welsh life. The show follows police detective Tom Mathias as he investigates cases in a rugged part of the Welsh countryside.

The show has been produced by local production company Fiction Factory, who are behind some of Wales' most successful TV shows. It's the first Welsh-language series to be released on the streaming platform, and its release has been hailed as a major milestone in the development of Welsh drama.

Speaking to The Guardian, Fiction Factory's producer Ed Talfan said: “The release of Y Gwyll/Hinterland on Netflix is a real moment for Welsh-language drama. It shows that Welsh-language drama can be exported around the world and can sit alongside some of the biggest and best drama series in the world.”

The show has already been a hit in Welsh-speaking communities, with many viewers praising its portrayal of life in rural Wales. It's also been a hit with viewers outside Wales, with some reviewers hailing it as a “stunning piece of television”.

The show's success is part of a wider trend of Welsh-language drama becoming more mainstream. Other recent successes include the drama series “Bang”, which was commissioned by the BBC and is set in a fictional Welsh town.

The success of these shows is a sign that Welsh language drama is becoming more visible and accepted. As Ed Talfan said: “It's a really positive sign for the industry that we can create drama in Welsh for a global audience, and that audiences around the world want to watch it.”

It's clear that “Y Gwyll/Hinterland” is a major milestone in the development of Welsh-language drama, and a sign that the industry is becoming increasingly confident in its ability to produce high-quality shows for a global audience.