Mark Ballas announces he will be retiring from Dancing With The Stars during an appearance in Vegas

Mark Ballas, professional dancer and choreographer, announced that he will be retiring from the popular series Dancing with the Stars during a recent appearance in Las Vegas.

The news was met with shock and sadness from fans of the show and Ballas' fellow dancers. Ballas has been a part of the Dancing with the Stars team for 15 years, since it first aired in 2005. During that time, he has worked alongside many of the most famous stars in the entertainment industry and has helped to bring the show to its current level of success.

In a statement released to the press, Ballas expressed his appreciation for all of the people who have been a part of his journey, and for the show itself. He spoke about the joy that he has been able to bring to audiences through his dancing and choreography, and expressed his gratitude for the experience.

He also expressed his enthusiasm for the future and his plans to pursue other opportunities. He said that he is looking forward to taking on new challenges and expanding his career.

Though his time on the show will be ending, fans will still be able to see Ballas in action. He will be performing a special choreographed piece at a Las Vegas venue this summer, which will be the last time he will be appearing on the show.

Ballas' fans are sad to see him go, but many are also looking forward to seeing what new opportunities he will take on in the future. His contribution to Dancing with the Stars has been immense, and his retirement from the show will be felt deeply.