MAFS: Ella Ding calls out Harrison Boon for his ‘bad acting’ after he cried during podcast

Married At First Sight's Ella Ding has accused her former co-star Harrison Boon of ‘bad acting' after he cried during a recent podcast.

In a recent episode of the MAFS podcast, Harrison opened up about his emotional journey on the show and became visibly upset during the discussion.

However, Ella has now called out Harrison for his ‘bad acting' and believes that his tears were nothing more than a carefully crafted performance.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Ella said: ‘I think Harrison's tears were just an act. He is a good actor, I'll give him that. But I think he was trying too hard. It felt like it was all a show. I think people can tell when someone is truly sad and when they are just putting on a performance.'

Ella also suggested that Harrison should have taken more responsibility for his actions on the show and refused to participate in the podcast if he was not ready to face up to his mistakes.

The former MAFS star continued: ‘He should have taken responsibility for his actions during the show and realised that he was accountable for his own behaviour. Instead of trying to act out his emotions, he should have been honest and open about what happened.

It is clear that Ella is not impressed with Harrison's performance on the podcast, and it will be interesting to see if he responds to her comments.