Lady Gaga’s makeup artist shares ‘aftermath’ of Oscars makeup removal after performing makeup-free

Lady Gaga showed her natural beauty to the world at the Academy Awards when she performed her hit song “Shallow” from the film A Star is Born, makeup-free. Now, her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, has shared the “aftermath” of removing her Oscars makeup.

Tanno took to Instagram to share a video of Gaga with her makeup removed, revealing her natural beauty. The video shows Gaga's skin looking flawless, with no signs of irritation after the lengthy makeup removal process.

In the caption of the post, Tanno wrote, “The aftermath of Oscars makeup removal after performing makeup-free. Even though it took a few hours to remove, her skin was still in perfect condition afterwards. #beauty.”

The makeup artist used a combination of products to remove Gaga's makeup, including makeup remover, micellar water, and cleansing oil. Tanno also noted that Gaga's skin was prepped properly prior to the removal process, with the help of a hydrating serum and a gentle cleanser.

The video has since gone viral, with fans praising Gaga's natural beauty and Tanno's skillful makeup removal technique. One fan commented, “Gaga looks so beautiful even without makeup. You did an amazing job!”

Tanno has worked with Gaga for years, so it's no surprise that her makeup removal skills are impeccable. Her post is a reminder of the importance of proper skin care and makeup removal.