Kerry Washington visits the Today Show to promote her new Hulu series UnPrisoned with Delroy Lindo

Kerry Washington recently appeared on the Today Show to promote her upcoming Hulu series, UnPrisoned. The series, which stars Washington and Delroy Lindo, is set to premiere later this year.

Washington was joined on the show by Lindo, who discussed the premise of the show and how it was developed. The series follows the story of an ex-convict who is trying to rebuild his life after being released from prison.

Washington and Lindo also discussed their experiences working together on the show and the importance of representation in Hollywood. Washington said, “It's great to be a part of a project that's so diverse and that shows the complexities of life and different types of people.”

The pair also spoke about why they chose to work on the project, with Lindo saying, “It's an incredible story and I think it's really important to tell stories like this. It's a powerful story and I'm proud to be a part of it.”

Washington and Lindo also addressed how the show will tackle difficult topics such as the criminal justice system, racism and poverty. According to Washington, “We are telling a story that is real and that needs to be heard. We want to bring awareness to these issues and to show the realities of the system.”

The series is set to premiere on Hulu later this year, and Washington and Lindo hope that it will spark meaningful conversations and encourage people to get involved in the fight for social justice.