Jamie Durie and his fiancée Ameka Jane enjoy a beach outing with their newborn son and daughter

Jamie Durie, the Australian television presenter, and his fiancée Ameka Jane were spotted enjoying a beach outing with their newborn son and daughter in Sydney over the weekend.

The proud parents took their two little bundles of joy to the beach for some fresh air and to make the most of the warm weather. They were seen strolling along the sand, with Jamie carrying the baby in a baby carrier, while Ameka pushed a stroller in front of them.

Jamie and Ameka looked relaxed and happy as they took their two children for a walk. The couple have been together since 2018, and welcomed their son in April 2019. Their daughter was born earlier this year.

The pair have been open about their experience as new parents, with Jamie recently revealing that he has been struggling with the demands of fatherhood. “It's been a steep learning curve and a constant juggling act,” he said.

However, the couple appear to be managing the demands of parenthood, as they enjoyed a relaxed Sunday afternoon on the beach with their children. Jamie and Ameka were seen chatting and laughing as they watched their little ones explore their surroundings.

The outing provided some much-needed respite for the couple, who have been busy adjusting to life as parents of two. They looked content and relaxed, proving that parenthood is going well for them.