Gigi Hadid Has Apparently Responded To Reports That Zayn Malik And Selena Gomez Were Spotted Kissing On A Date, And Here,s How She Feels About It

Gigi Hadid has seemingly responded to reports that her ex-boyfriend, Zayn Malik, was spotted kissing Selena Gomez on a date.

The model was asked by a fan on Twitter if she had any thoughts on the matter, to which she replied, “Of course I have an opinion but I’m not going to share it.”

The reports of Zayn and Selena’s romantic outing first surfaced after the two were spotted at a restaurant in West Hollywood. Witnesses reportedly saw the two sharing a kiss and holding hands, though neither have confirmed the reports.

Gigi and Zayn dated for two years before splitting up in March 2018. Since then, both have moved on and are now in relationships with other people.

Gigi is currently dating Tyler Cameron, while Zayn is reportedly in a relationship with model Gigi Hadid.

Gigi’s response to the reports of Zayn and Selena’s date has been met with mixed reactions online. Some fans understand her decision not to comment on the matter, while others think she should have been more vocal.

Either way, it’s clear that Gigi is not interested in getting involved in the speculation surrounding her ex’s relationship. Her silence speaks volumes and it’s clear that she is not willing to get involved in the conversation.