Asher Keddie begins production on new comedy drama Strife

Australian actress Asher Keddie has begun production on her new comedy drama Strife.

The six-part ABC series will follow the lives of two women who are trying to make their mark in the world and find their place in society.

Keddie, who starred in Offspring, will play the lead role of Alice, a single mum trying to balance the demands of work and family.

Alice is a working class woman who has aspirations to rise above her circumstances, while her best friend Sarah (played by Keddie's Offspring co-star Kat Stewart) is a successful businesswoman.

The series will explore the different paths the two women take in their efforts to achieve their dreams, while navigating the complexities of their relationships.

Speaking to The Daily Mail Australia, Keddie said she was excited to be part of the project.

“I'm really looking forward to exploring the stories that Strife will tell and the different perspectives it will provide,” she said.

The series is written by the team behind Offspring, Emily Ballou and Michael Lucas, and is being directed by Jennifer Leacey.

Keddie said she is looking forward to working with the creative team behind Strife.

“I'm so thrilled to be working with such a talented group of people on this project. It's a great opportunity to tell a story about two women who are striving to make their mark on the world,” she said.

Strife is set to air on ABC in 2021.