Antiques Roadshow expert is left impressed as a guest reveals identity of famous ITV star dad

An Antiques Roadshow expert was left amazed recently after a guest revealed the identity of their famous ITV star dad.

The show, which aired on Sunday night on BBC One, saw the guest, who wished to remain anonymous, bring in a selection of items from their home. Among the items was a painting of a ship, which the guest revealed was painted by their father.

The expert, Mark Smith-Bunting, was astounded when the guest revealed that their father was in fact the popular TV presenter and actor, Tom Conti.

The painting was said to be a representation of the ship which Conti sailed on when he was younger, and the guest had inherited it from their dad.

Mark Smith-Bunting commented that he was extremely impressed by the painting, and was delighted to learn of its history.

The painting was estimated to be worth around £400, but the guest was told that its true value was in its sentimental worth.

The guest was pleased to hear the assessment, and thanked the expert for his help.

The expert was later seen on Twitter praising the guest for their honesty, and his followers praised the guest for having such a famous father.

Antiques Roadshow continues to be one of the most popular programmes on the BBC, and this episode was certainly no exception. The show once again proved why it is so popular with viewers, with its interesting stories and fascinating assessments.