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5 High-Paying Remote Jobs That Pay Over $100,000 Annually

High-Paying Remote Jobs

Apart from the usual perks of working from home such as eliminating the need for a daily commute and choosing a set of clothes for work every day, did you know that there are some high-paying remote jobs that now pay better than office jobs?

According to FlexJobs, you can make a decent paycheck by sitting in front of a computer and doing things that people used to do in offices.

Despite the money that you’ll save having a work-from-home job, it still takes good money management skills in order for work from home jobs to work for you. Money management, after all, is important in order for people to allocate their revenues effectively.

Financial site FXCM wrote in one of its articles that money management is defined as the process of knowing where “money is going, how it is being spent, and having a well-drawn-out plan to facilitate a specific end.” You can save a good part of your salary when you work from home but if you don’t have good spending habits, no matter how well paid your job is, you’ll have a problem living a comfortable life. The key takeaway here is that regardless of your income the need to manage your finances shrewdly should always be at the forefront of your mind.

We wrote an article: “Top Business Ideas You Can Start without Money Invest” and now we're writing about a list of high-paying remote jobs that include an annual compensation estimate.

Project Manager

A project manager coordinates, verifies, and provides direction and support to the team. Home-based project managers usually work for clients who have a need to maintain a brand’s social media pages and after-sales support. Project management work doesn’t require physical labor and managers give directions via Skype calls or emails from home.

Salary: Approximately $110,000 per annum

Back-end Developer

Back-end developers are the backbone of IT companies. They’re the type of developers who work from scratch, and base their ideas from approved projects via company heads. They’re the counterparts of front-end developers who “edit” codes based on the Quality Assurance team’s debugging.

Salary: Approximately $120,000 per annum

Clinical Data Manager

Clinical data management used to be a job that was taken care of inside medical facilities, university research programs, the government, and pharmaceutical companies. However, data management tasks for medical research projects can now be undertaken effectively at home thanks to cloud technology, which allows data managers to upload huge amounts of files to cyber space in a short amount of time. With cloud technology, data managers can store and modify files without the need of a physical hard drive so there’s no need for them to go to the office anymore.

Salary: Approximately $135,000 per annum

Data Engineer

Data engineers are people who develop and translate computer algorithms into prototype code. They also maintain, identify trends, and organize large data sets. Data engineers are sometimes referred to as “Hosting Team” for their work on computer servers and website hosting needs of customers. Data engineers are people who usually work for banks and online security providers who are in constant need of data monitoring and analyzing.

Salary: Approximately $145,000 per annum

Medical Director

Medical directors decide on the healthcare, drugs, and services being offered in the medical facility that they work for. They’re responsible for the medical business models of their company, and must ensure that their medical facility meets all the requirements mandated by the Health Department.

Salary: Approximately $320,000 per annum

Note: all compensation estimates were based from the results found on PayScale.

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