Households could save up to £134 on energy bills with one small change

Households across the UK could be missing out on savings of up to £134 on their energy bills every year, simply by making one small change.

A new report from energy supplier E.ON has revealed that by setting the thermostat at 18°C, households could reduce their energy consumption by 15 per cent, equating to an average saving of £134 per year.

The report highlights that 8 out of 10 Brits are not aware of the simple steps they can take to reduce their energy consumption, with many not understanding the importance of setting a lower thermostat temperature.

The research also revealed that almost half of all people (47 per cent) keep their thermostat at 21°C or higher, despite the fact that temperatures over 18°C are not recommended by the World Health Organisation.

David Bird, managing director of E.ON UK, said: “It’s amazing how many people are unaware of how much money they can save by simply making small changes to their routine, like setting their thermostat to the right temperature.

“Setting the thermostat to 18°C can help save money on energy bills, while also helping to reduce the strain on our climate.”

The report also found that almost a third of Brits (29 per cent) turn up the thermostat when they’re cold, while one in five (21 per cent) switch on the heating when the temperature outside is above 20°C.

In addition to setting the thermostat to the right temperature, E.ON recommends that households should turn down the thermostat when they’re going out, and using energy efficient appliances to minimise energy consumption.

Mr Bird concluded: “We all have a responsibility to help the environment and it’s never been easier to make small, tangible changes to our everyday lives which can help to reduce our carbon emissions, while also helping to save money.”