Li Qiang is China’s new premier. But how much power will he wield?

Li Qiang is China's new premier, and the world is watching to see how much power he will wield. Li Qiang is the first premier to come from outside of the Communist Party's traditional power base, and he is seen as a potential reformer who could bring much needed change to China.

Li Qiang has already made it clear that he intends to focus on economic issues, and has already started pushing for reforms to reduce bureaucracy and increase the role of the private sector. He has also pledged to fight corruption and push for more transparency.

These reforms will likely be resisted by entrenched interests within the Communist Party, and it remains to be seen how much power Li Qiang will have to push through his agenda. While he is the premier, he is still subject to the party's leadership.

Li Qiang is expected to take a more active role in foreign policy than his predecessors, particularly in regard to trade and international relations. He has already met with US Vice President Mike Pence and other foreign dignitaries, signalling his intention to pursue a more multilateral approach.

At the same time, Li Qiang is likely to face strong opposition from hardline conservatives who are hostile to economic reforms and foreign engagement. Li Qiang's success will depend on how much power he can wield to push his agenda through the party's leadership and bureaucracy.

Only time will tell how much power Li Qiang will have to bring about the kind of reforms he has promised. But his election as premier is already a sign of hope for many in China who are looking for change.