I’m the last resident on my street – developers want me to leave but I won’t budge… I want to be buried in my yard

For over 30 years, Janice MacKenzie has been the last resident living on her street in the small village of Southport, England. But now, developers have come calling and they want her to leave so they can build a new housing estate. Janice, however, is determined to stay put and has vowed to be buried in her own back yard when the time comes.

“I’m the last remaining resident on the street and I’ve had offers to move out,” Janice said. “But this is my home, I’ve lived here for over 30 years and I’m not going anywhere. I want to be buried in my own back yard when the time comes.”

Janice’s street was once a lively, bustling street, full of life and laughter. But over the years, the street has changed as more and more people have moved away. Now, Janice is the only one left and she’s determined to stay put.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes in my street over the years,” Janice said. “But I’m not ready to leave just yet. I’ve been offered money to move but it’s not enough. I want to stay here and be buried in my own back yard. I’ve made up my mind and I’m not budging.”

Janice’s decision to stay has been met with mixed reactions from the local community. Some have praised her courage and determination, while others have criticised her for holding up the development of the new housing estate.

“I understand why people are frustrated,” Janice said. “But I’m not going to be pushed out of my home. I want to be buried in my own back yard when the time comes and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Janice’s story has captured the attention of many and has become a symbol of resistance for those standing up for what they believe in. Despite the criticism, Janice remains determined to stay put and to be buried in her own backyard.