‘I only eat one meal a week so I can afford to feed my six cats’

A single woman in the UK has revealed that she only eats one meal a week, in order to afford to feed her six cats.

Laura Smith, from Eastbourne, has been taking care of the cats since she adopted them from a rescue centre, and says she has put their needs above her own.

The 27-year-old has been on a “cat-food-only” diet for the past year, which means she only eats one meal a week, to make sure she can afford to feed her feline companions.

Smith says she began to take on more cats after she adopted them from a rescue centre near her home. She has since taken in six cats, including four that were dumped in a field.

“I just wanted to give them a better life,” Smith said. “I thought if I could make them happy and give them a good home, it would be worth it.”

In order to make sure she can afford to feed the cats, Smith has put her own nutritional needs on the back burner. She says she eats one meal a week, and the rest of the time she opts for cheaper options such as toast and cereal.

Smith’s friends and family have been supportive of her decision, though they are concerned about her health.

“My friends and family think it’s admirable what I’m doing, but they’re also worried about my health,” Smith said. “I understand why they’re worried, but I’m not in any danger. I make sure that I get enough vitamins and nutrients from the food I do eat, and I make sure I’m getting enough exercise.”

Smith says she will continue to put her cats first and make sure they are well-fed, even if it means sacrificing her own nutrition.

“My cats are my world,” Smith said. “They’re like my children, and I would do anything for them. They’re worth more to me than my own wellbeing.”