Dragon’s Den star sought deal after show ‘in first time ever’ after ‘one of best pitches’

Sam Jones, the founder of the Gener8 app, made a successful appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den looking for a deal. In a first for the show, Jones was actually approached by the dragons after his successful pitch to try and secure a deal.

The Gener8 app, which Jones pitched to the dragons, is a savings app that allows users to save towards their goals with their spare change. It rounds up any purchase made on their linked bank card to the nearest pound and saves the extra change.

The dragons were impressed by Jones’ presentation and the potential of the app. Theo Paphitis, one of the dragons, said it was “one of the best pitches” he had seen and Jones had “clearly done his homework”.

After his appearance on the show, Jones was contacted directly by the Dragons to discuss a possible equity deal. This is the first time in the show’s history that a dragon has reached out to an entrepreneur after their pitch.

Ultimately, Jones decided not to accept the offer from the Dragons and instead opted to secure a loan from an external investor. He said he was “delighted” with the offer from the Dragons, but ultimately it wasn’t the right deal for him.

The Gener8 app is now available for download and has already been downloaded over 7,000 times. Jones hopes that the app will help people to save more and reach their financial goals.

The success of Sam Jones on Dragon’s Den has been a landmark moment for the show. It is the first time a dragon has contacted an entrepreneur after their pitch and is a sign of the show’s commitment to helping entrepreneurs secure the right deal for them.