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Top Business Ideas You Can Start without Money Invest

Top Business Ideas You Can Start without Money Invest

Many people want to start a business but think they need thousands and thousands of dollars to start up. And it is completely false! Top 7 business ideas that you can start without investing.

In this article, we are going through seven top business ideas that you can start without money investing, yes seriously – zero, you need to be creative, and we guarantee that you can turn any skill that you already have into a very viable business. Without investing money to start a business, you need to rely on yourself to create value, and what you can do is offer your services to other people, which is just trading your time for money.

Last year we wrote an article: “How to survive working from home: Four winning conditions for companies AND employees,” and now we're writing about top business ideas to start from home without money invested.

Then you're thinking: “hey I thought trading time for money was something we weren't trying to do,” but the answer to that is NO, especially at the start when you're just starting the business and especially when you're starting a business without any money investing. You will likely have to trade time for money. Then as you keep building this business and scale it up, you can get to a point where you aren't trained your direct time for money, or you'll have set up processes that allow you to keep making money even when you are not working.

It is so much easier to make money these days than it was back like fifty years ago and the sole reason for this is all due to the internet. A lot of these ideas require just a laptop like this. Some of the ideas we'll be talking about in this article are more personal, but a lot of these ideas you can do with a computer only, and everything on this list is scalable. You can turn it into a more significant business.

Let's start with the first top business idea that you can start with no money investment.

Print On Demand – Create & Sell Custom Products

This business model lets you start a clothing company without startup capital. Here's how it works: when a customer places an order for, say, a shirt on your website, this factory or the supplier will start to make that shirt. They'll print it on demand as the name suggests, and then they will ship it out for you.

So literally, there's nothing you need to do on your side besides customer service for that shirt to be printed and shipped out for you. In a way, it's sort of like drop shipping. There's no need to bind bulk; there's no need to place a big order before you've actually made any orders, and as a result, many risks are taken out. You don't need to keep inventory; starting is a lot easier. If you have a good idea for making t-shirts, turning on the mayor is one of the best and easiest ways to get into e-commerce.

When we started the clothing brand, we wish I knew about print-on-demand because that would have made things much easier. The startup cost handling inventory, all that stuff was living so much easier. It's a great way to test an idea before actually committing and creating a big order from overseas, and to get started there are sites like Printful that allow you to use this business model.

We will say that trademark infringement is one of the big things you must look out for when doing print-on-demand. Many famous slogans and designs may be copyrighted, so if you aren't sure, you'll probably want to talk to a copyright lawyer or someone like that because you definitely don't want to run into any problems when you're doing your first business.

And the most significant and most challenging part about any company, especially print-on-demand, is the marketing. You can create an excellent product, but if you don't market it correctly, no one will know about it, and no one will buy it. So we recommend using social media sites like TikTok, Instagram influencers, and TikTok influencers. Give them free clothes and see if they'll post content for you, especially on TikTok. As you know, this platform is still very undervalued. The influencers are all underpaid right now because it's brand new. No one knows how much they're worth.

So we think that if you stand 3d products to a bunch of TikTok influencers, you'll have a good shot at having them make content for you, which will be a good return on your investment.

Print On Demand - Create & Sell Custom Products

And like we said before, if you're interested in this business model, check out the links below.
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Niche Content Blog

The following top business idea is starting up a niche content blog. Well, what we mean by this is you want to start a blog centered around a specific category. For example, this could be MacBook accessories, personal finance, lamps, etc. There are so many different categories you can make a blog about. It doesn't have to be something you were extremely passionate about, but it does have to be something you think you can monetize. And now you're probably wondering, how can a Content blog make money that way?

Niche Content Blog - Make Money with Affiliate Program

It works with this article. You generate traffic through your blog posts and articles. The goal is to rank these articles on search engines such as Google. In these posts, you'll have like how-tos and top 10 of anything that gives value to the reader. In these articles, you'll also have their affiliate links, and that's how you make money through a content website. When people click on these links and buy that product or service, you'll make a percentage of the revenue. It is the perfect business to start if you don't have any money. You can easily use free blogging tools such as Wix calm to create your first blog in a few hours. It's straightforward, or you can use WordPress paired with a web host such as Bluehost and create a more advanced and customizable blog, but We think for most people, just starting in Wix is a great way to create a professional-looking website without the hassle.

A key with this business idea is that you have to make a lot of valuable content. If you don't like writing, this business type will be extremely hard to stay consistent with. You can make so much money with a niche blog like this because all the people that are coming in and reading your post from sites such as Google are hot leads. They are actively searching for this type of content. As a result, when you rank for these keywords, these people will likely buy whatever product or service you're talking about. You need to make really good content and build up a good audience base, and then you need to figure out a way to rank on search engines. People think that blogging is dead, but there is still so much untapped market and potential blogging, so we definitely think that this is a great business that you can start in this year with no money to invest.

We suggest you find the best selling product on Amazon and write articles about products and sell them. Also, you can use CPA programs like Google Adsense to monetize your traffic with related banners.

Also, you can use Aliexpress Best Selling Products.

Door to Door Sales

Our third top business idea is door-to-door sales. For example, you can solve things such as home security, pest control, solar energy, etc. the list is endless.

We know you're probably thinking people see these salespeople as sleazy and really low on the totem pole, but it's not always that way, and there are a ton of very legit door-to-door jobs that you can get since most of them are Commission based. The earnings potential for these jobs is extremely high.

You usually start as a rep in door-to-door sales, meaning you'll be door-knocking to generate business. There are unlimited ores that you can knock on or at least enough where one person cannot possibly visit off all of them. And as a result, it's all about how much work you put in. It is a tough job. You'll see a ton of rejection, it's going to be hard at times, but if you're successful with this, you can make a considerable income.

Similar to the blog, we suggest you find the best selling product on Amazon and offer it door to door instead of the blog. You can find a lot of interesting products there.

Personal Branding

Next up on our list is personal branding; we call this the business that will bring in more business. Personal branding won't bring you any money indirectly, but it will give you opportunities to make money.

You need to do a lot of social media; you need to build your social media account on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever platforms are popular in your country. Also, you need to build your influence by building a reputation; you want to think about what you're good at, what value you can bring to others, and also what type of change and knowledge you want to inspire in other people.

Personal branding is such an overlooked business opportunity. People don't think that this is a business, but this is the thing that you want to focus a lot of time on if you want to start a company in the future.

Virtual Assistant and Companies That Hire

The business idea which requires no mega start is becoming a virtual assistant. If you want to work remotely and learn the ins and outs of a company being a VA on Fiverr or Upwork is the best way to start. It is a service-based business where you work as an assistant for some company owner or whoever needs services done. So there will be more menial tasks such as word processing, Excel sheets, basically anything that frees up time for the person hiring you.

It allows you to become well-rounded on the back end of any business to become a successful VA. The person hiring you is going to have to train you. As a result, you'll learn everything about the business, how they operate, how they run, and what tasks they have to do on a day-to-day basis, and while at first glance that sounds kind of boring, you must learn so much from that.

I suggest finding a company on Fiverr in an industry you are passionate about and an industry where you might want to create your own business in the future. This is the easiest way to learn tons and tons about that industry while still making some money. The pay is not that high. You're not going to be rolling in the dough by becoming a virtual assistant, but what's most important here is the experience, and you know you're still making money.

Personal Fitnerss Trainer

Personal training, if you're big on fitness, then I think this is one of the most rewarding and scalable businesses that are on this list. The possibilities are endless if you're into fitness. Most people start out with in-person training sessions, but then you can get more creative and start selling online training guides and workout plans.

TikTok Manager

Next up on our list is becoming a TikTok manager. TikTok is the newest and fastest growing social media platform with almost 1 billion active users. We think that TikTok is going to take over Instagram. We'll see because it seems like some countries are starting to ban this app, but this is still the opportunity you've been waiting for.