Wedding of Thailand’s ‘most beautiful transgender’ who graced Hong Kong’s silver screen costs US$570,000 steeped in Chinese culture

A wedding steeped in Chinese culture cost US$570,000 when Thailand's “most beautiful transgender” married her sweetheart in Hong Kong.

The wedding of Pynkavee Vatanasilp, 43, and her husband, Thai-Chinese businessman Huang Yipeng, took place at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong on November 9.

The lavish event was attended by celebrities from across the region, including Hong Kong movie star and singer Eric Tsang, as well as Thai actor and singer Pongsakorn Klong-on.

Pynkavee, who gained fame in Thailand as a transgender beauty contest winner, took part in three Hong Kong movies, including “The Fun, the Luck and the Tycoon” in 2004.

The wedding was a spectacle of Chinese culture, with Pynkavee wearing a traditional qipao (cheongsam) and Huang dressed in a Chinese suit.

The bride and groom were carried in sedan chairs to the hotel, a traditional Chinese wedding procession. The wedding itself was a mix of traditional Chinese and Thai ceremonies, and the couple even released two doves to symbolise their love and commitment.

The banquet featured a 12-course meal, and guests received gifts of Chinese tea, sweetmeats and souvenir fans.

The couple have known each other for six years, and Huang proposed in April this year.

“Everyone has the right to love and be loved, and I'm very happy that we can now be together,” Pynkavee said. “I'm grateful for the support from Hong Kong and Thailand, as well as from our family and friends. This is a dream come true for us.”