About eutimes.eu

The European Union Times (EUT) is a new online media publication specialized in delivering news from the European Union and beyond to the English-speaking audience. We publish daily news from the EU including politics, international issues, business, finance and much more. The EU Times was founded in 2022 by a group of experienced developers, journalists and media professionals from across the Europe. Our aim is to provide accurate, timely and balanced news coverage of the EU and its member states to English-speaking audiences around the world.

EUT is headquartered in Delaware, USA and our team of reporters and editors are based in various cities across the EU. We also have a network of correspondents based in key capitals around the world, from Washington DC to Beijing. As an independent media organization, EUT is not affiliated with any political party or government institution. Our editorial line is determined solely by our editorial staff, who strive to produce fair, unbiased and accurate journalism.