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How Do I Start A Home Based Business?

One of the most difficult questions in starting a new business is “where do I start?” We see other, established businesses and the task of achieving the same seems impossible. Don’t let people tell you your ideas are stupid – if you’re really passionate about something, find a way to build it. Dennis Crowley – […]


Five reasons why the four-day week won’t work

Will it stand up? Randy Fath/Unsplash, CC BY-SA The four-day working week continues to gain momentum, with pilots taking place in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada and Australia. Over six-month periods between February and November, employees at participating businesses are working only 80% of their time but still receiving 100% of their salary and benefits. […]

Work From Home

8 Work-at-Home Jobs Ideal for Introverts

Today our lives are shaped namely by the type of personality. Being an introvert, it is not easy living in a fast changing world dominated by career-focused extroverts, armed with all the right people skills. Introverts are known to be quiet people. As such, they are often misjudged by managers and team leaders, who fail […]